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Enriching The Lives Of Seniors Through Social Adult Day Care In New York

Since 2012, Enriched Adult Day Care Services has been improving the quality of life of area seniors with immersive education programs, fun activities and outings, interactive games and crafts, and fresh nutritious meals.

With two convenient locations in Brooklyn and Westchester, our team of dedicated adult day care staff members are here to help seniors live their best lives! We love to watch our members learn, laugh, and establish meaningful friendships with other seniors, all under the protective and loving care of the Enriched Adult Day Care Services team.

Our Multilingual Staff Is Here To Serve All Community Members

Our centers feature a well-rounded staff of caring and attentive adult day care specialists that serve older adults over the age of 60. We celebrate cultural diversity in our inclusive social day care environment, and we have a dedicated team of bilingual staff members who are fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic.

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Welcome To Our Family

We give seniors a place to be themselves, while enjoying the company of others in a safe and compassionate environment. Our goal is to enhance the lives of seniors with daily activities and personalized care that allows them to enjoy live music and entertainment, learn new hobbies, play interactive games, and work on fine motor skills through crafts and artwork. We treat each senior with the patience, respect, and compassion they deserve, while establishing trusted relationships with each of our members.

Our social day care services help to reduce feelings of loneliness, retain independence and mobility, and offer a respite for home caregivers who hold full-time jobs. With the experienced care and assistance of the team at Enriched Adult Day Care Services, families can relax knowing their loved ones are safe and secure while away from home.

There are many programs designed to help seniors with services such as ours, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about financial assistance or insurance support.

We look forward to sharing love, laughter, and smiles!

Onsite Therapy Support

Our adult day care center in Brooklyn has an onsite physical therapy facility and an onsite acquatic therapy provider as well. We can help arrange services as necessary, which are billed separately through Medicare, and our staff will transfer members to and from appointments.

Community Integration

Our seniors will enjoy local community outings, activities, workshops, and service opportunities that instill a sense of pride and accomplishment.


Accessible transportation will always be waiting to take you to our facility, on all local outings, and back home again at the end of the day. Our professional drivers are fully trained to assist seniors of all abilities, and we have vehicles available to support all mobility devices.

Special nutrition

Our registered onsite dietitian supervises all menus to ensure our members receive fresh nutritious foods and essential hydration throughout the day. We are always prepared to accommodate medically prescribed diets or special food restrictions.

Each day, members receive:

  • Two meals and a snack
  • Restaurant-style dining
  • Variety of hot and cold meal options
  • Delicious breakfast foods such as hot oatmeal, pastries, and fresh fruit
  • Freshly prepared lunch sourced daily from a local caterer 

Structured activites

We have an exciting variety of group activities and events to keep the mind sharp and the body active!

  • Table games and puzzles
  • Special interest groups
  • Movies, music, and tv
  • Arts and crafts
  • Guest speakers
  • Live entertainment
  • Holiday/birthday celebrations
  • Trips and outings
  • Gentle exercise such as yoga
  • Worship

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